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Five Stars Appeal has donated more than £3.5million to local children’s hospitals over the years.

The charity now helps individual children who need  to raise funds for life changing medical treatment or equipment not provided by the NHS. The charity also helps unemployed and vulnerable adults in the local community and is proud to have made  a significant difference to their lives.

The Five Stars Appeal helped raise over £10,000 for a little boy who needed an SDR operation in America as he suffers with cerebral palsy and the operation was not available in the UK. There is no cure for cerebral palsy so we continue to work with corporate companies to raise further funds for his ontgoing physiotherapy.

Thanks to a number of corporate companies, we raised over £8000 for another little boy, with cerebral palsy, and bought him a power chair, which has changed his life by giving him the independance he so badly needed.

If you are part of a corporate company and would like to help us raise funds for children who need your help, please contact our office.

Please help us support children with life changing illnesses, and the local community, by making a donation to the charity shop in Prestwich or take a look at other ways in which you can help us raise funds

    Charity Shops in Prestwich and Widnes – Furniture and Clothing donations  welcome -  call the office for details

  We look forward to hearing from you!

Warm wishes from the Five Stars Team

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